Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practice 2020 

GDP Monday 30 November & Tuesday 1 December

GMP Wednesday 2 & Thursday 3 December

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Due to Covid-19 and current guidelines the ‘Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practice' (GMDP) Symposium will be returning later this year in a new virtual format.

The Good Distribution Practice (GDP) event is suitable for all wholesalers, including those operating from registered pharmacies. The event would benefit managers and key staff members involved in procuring, supplying, exporting, and storing medicines as well as Responsible Persons and Quality personnel.

The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) event is ideal for pharmaceutical industry professionals in quality control, quality assurance, supply chain and production management, as well as regulatory and compliance specialists involved in the manufacturing of medicines. 

These events will provide the latest information and guidance on changing legislation and increasing complexity in the manufacturing and distribution chain.  The symposium will offer a virtual learning experience addressing key topics and compliance trends within both Good Manufacturing and Good Distribution Practice and also allowing for networking between delegates and submission of questions to the inspectors.

  • Gain greater knowledge of the quality and compliance issues affecting organisations.
  • Have a clear understanding of your key responsibilities and accountabilities as a Responsible Person with a clear focus on the legal and compliance aspects and eligibility as set out in guidance note 6.
  • Recognise commonly seen GDP deficiencies and learn how to improve compliance in your organisation.
  • Understand the key challenges of Covid 19 on our work, how we maintained regulatory oversight and ongoing work.
  • Learn further about the work of CMT/IAG.
  • An opportunity to share concerns and learn directly from the MHRA.
  • Learn about key development areas for GMP.
  • Learn about reactive, responsive and innovative GMP regulation.


Questions For The Panel

Once you have registered, you will have the opportunity to submit pre-event questions to our panel of speakers via the Delegate Area. You will be issued with login details on your registration confirmation email. The team will endeavour to answer as many of these questions as they can at the event.

To submit your questions, please log into the Delegate Area and go to Panel Questions in the menu.

Twitter - #gmdp20


Please note the agendas are subject to change.

Good Distribution Practice

10:00 - 13:00 30 November 2020 & 10:00 - 13:00 1 December

Welcome, Latest Changes within the Inspectorate, Review of agenda

Covid - Desktop inspections and surveillance work (ongoing work); RP assessments

Responsible Person Expectations

Becoming an RP: expectations, guide note 6; getting experience, training, discussing with other RPs; Personnel- training; how to manage training; choosing and being a contract RP; developing yourself as an RP; VMD for WQPs


Qualification of suppliers / customers / fraudulent websites

PCL Office Overview

Deficiency Data

Keynote address

Closing remarks from day one

Welcome - Day 2. Review of Agenda

Q&A panel

CMT/IAG Working Group

Enforcement Presentation


Look out – views of security from inside industry

Maintaining security standards within the medicine distribution chain is paramount to protecting public safety as well as those associated with the distribution chain. Security covers many aspects, and in this presentation the views of pharmaceutical distributers will be reflected mainly in regard to dealing with theft of medicines.

Case Study

Closing Remarks

Good Manufacturing Practice

10:00 - 13:00 2 December 2020 & 10:00 - 13:00 3 December



Deficiency data

Inspection Reliance



CMT/IAG changes

Q&A Panel session

Closing Remarks


Cannabis based medicinal products


Trends from the innovation office

MMD - enabling innovation


Tech slot 1 - Internet of things

Tech slot 2 - AI

Tech slot 3 - Distributed Ledger Tech

Q&A Panel session

Closing Remarks


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GDP Ticket


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GMP Ticket


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GDP & GMP combined ticket


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